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1989 - Label of the Year (by Wire Magazine, London): JMT


1989 - Top Jazz Label #8 (in Billboard): JMT


JazzTimes, June 1999,

"Another musician important to the JMT ethos, and now continuing on with Winter & Winter, is drummer-leader Paul Motian, who has developed a formidable discography with Winter over the past several years." (Josef Woodard)


Los Angeles Times, November 9, 2001

"Winter & Winter, the immaginatively eccentric German record company, is releasing a series of excellent CDs from the '80s originally issued on the JMT label. The catalog, which has been inactive since 1995, is a rich source of material covering some of the innovative, and largely overlooked, work that was being produced at the time in New York."


Jazzwise, September 2001

"JMT - Jazz Music Today - was the jumping off point for many well established artists such as Steve Coleman, Cassandra Wilson and Uri Caine all of whom made their debuts on the label."


Spex, March 2002

"Mit insgesamt 81 Veröffentlichungen meißelte sich JMT den Ruf einer eigenwilligen Qualitätsfabrik." (Carsten Sandkämper)


Jazzthing, September/October 2001

"Gegenwartsgeschichte: Das Label JMT Productions [...] zehn Jahre lang kreative Keimzelle für höchst unterschiedliche, eigensinnige und innovative Lesarten jener Musik, die wir Jazz nennen..."


The New York Times, December 4, 1988

"(Steve Coleman) and his colleagues in M-BASE (Macro Basic Array of Structured Extemporizations) - among them Greg Osby, Robin Eubanks, Cassandra Wilson and Geri Allen - are attempting to establish a 'modern musical language common to us all, a modern version of what Charlie Parker did in the 1940's' ..." (E. R. Shipp)



Press Release by Diane Podolak, Allegro Corp.


For one decade, 1985 through 1995, JMT (Jazz Music Today) made 81 recordings including landmark debuts by Cassandra Wilson, Steve Coleman and Uri Caine as well as over ten milestone recordings by Paul Motian and the career resurgence by John McLaughlin. The label curator, Stefan Winter, discovered today’s greats like Wilson, Coleman and Caine exclusively for JMT Productions.

After the demise of JMT in 1995, Stefan Winter set about breaking into the recording business and founded the label Winter & Winter. In 2001 Winter & Winter started resuscitating, in chronological order, the JMT releases whose first offering was Motherland Pulse - the debut of altoist Steve Coleman and M-Base, a Brooklyn-based collective that fashioned a new musical language from bebop, hip-hop, funk, and - in the Western world mostly unknown - complex rhythmic stractures. Soon after, other M-Base associated artists recorded their first solo efforts for JMT, including Greg Osby, Robin Eubanks, Jean-Paul Bourelly, the group Strata Insitute, Geri Allen with Charlie Haden and Paul Motian and the then virtually unknown vocalist, Cassandra Wilson. JMT also included works by leading avant-gardists such as Tim Berne, Hank Roberts, Craig Harris, Herb Robertson, and drummer Paul Motian whose recordings included the three-volume On Broadway series, featuring Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano, long before they became major attractions. Paul Motian can been seen as one of Stefan Winter's shining example in the music world.

Since 2001, Winter & Winter had reissued nine JMT titles every half year. During the reissue process, Stefan Winter and Mariko Takahashi (owners of Winter & Winter) decided to leave the JMT musical content exactly as it originally was besides new 24 bit re-mastering technic, making changes only to the packaging, which has since become one of Winter & Winter’s signature.

Steve Byram, who created most of all the JMT covers and booklets, now handles also parts of the Winter & Winter designs. Winter felt that Byram’s JMT art was a total new and unique way to design CD covers and booklets, but upon printing the works on glossy paper and then placing them into the standard plastic CD jewel case, Winter felt something was lost. To say it in other words nobody would feel good drinking a good wine out of a plastic glas. Now each title in the JMT series gets a jet-black hard cover packaging, with Byram's original booklet inside, printed on textured paper. On the cover is a simple label in red-and-black type, the look done deliberately more generic than normal for a Winter & Winter release. JMT - in total contrast to Winter & Winter - was founded as a label to document music. JMT has put into practice that concept in a thoroughgoing manner for one decade from 1985 through 1995. The black cardboard boxes should underline the relationship with archivic files: 81 recorded documents of jazz music today.

In 2005, Winter & Winter reissue the last nine available JMT titles. Marc Johnson / Right Brain Magic Labyrinth and Tim Berne / Bloodcount Lowlife and Poisoned Minds were already released on August 8th. On September 13th, Tethered Moon (Masabumi Kikuchi, Gary Peacock and Paul Motian) Play Kurt Weill, Uri Caine Toys and Django Bates Winter Truce hit streets with Gary Thomas Overkill, Paul Motian / Trio Live at Village Vanguard and Tim Berne / Bloodcount Memory Select Paris Concert3, following on October 13th. (It is a hidden secret that Uri Caine recorded on Toys his very first adaption of Gustav Mahler's music under the song title Yellow Stars In Heaven.)

Though the historic JMT reissues have come to a close, loyal listeners have more than 100 additional titles in the Winter & Winter catalogue to chose from, including short film DVD’s. Winter & Winter’s stylistically diverse releases feature an unconventional combination of genres that attract not only collectors and mirror Stefan Winter’s decidedly broad tastes, giving voice to many genre-flouting musicians and composers of our time.


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