Django Bates  Winter Truce (And Homes Blaze)

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Musicians   Compositions
Julian Arguelles: baritone and soprano saxophones;
Iain Ballamy: soprano, alto and tenor saxophones;
Chris Batchelor: trumpet;
Django Bates: keyboards, piano, Eb peck horn;
Roland Bates: trombone;
Steve Buckley: soprano and alto saxophones, tin whistle;
Martin France: drums, percussion;
Sid Gauld: trumpet;
Stuart Hall: guitar, violin, banjo;
Richard Henry: bass trombone;
Sarah Homer: clarinet, bass clarinet;
Dave Laurence: french horn;
Mark Lockheart: tenor saxophone, calrinet;
Michael Mondesir: bass;
Eddie Parker: flute, bass flute;
Barak Schmool: tenor saxophone, piccolo flute;
Christine Tobin: solo vocals;
Sarah Waterhouse: tuba
  1. You Can't Have Everyting
2. The Loneliness Of Being Right
3. …And A Golden Pear
4. New York, New York (Kander/Ebb)
5. Early Bloomer
6. X=Thingys x 3 •|• MF
7. Fox Across The Road
8. Powder Room Collapse
9. Kookaburra Laughed
10. You Can't Have Everything Reprise
Compositions by Django Bates, except title 4

total time: 66:40

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