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Concerto: Four Points
February 2000
Interpretation: Eight Points
June 1987
Compact: Four Stars
July 1987

Musicians   Compositions
Steve Coleman: alto sax, vocals;
D K Dyson: vocals;
Cassandra Wilson: vocals;
Graham Haynes: trumpet;
Robin Eubanks: trombone, background vocals;
Geri Allen: keyboards, piano;
Kelvyn Bell: electric guitar;
Kevin Bruce Harris: electric bass, background vocals;
Mark Johnson: drums
  1. Desperate Move [Coleman]
2. Stone Bone Jr. [Coleman]
3. Mad Monkey [Coleman]
4. Dream State [Coleman]
5. Tang Lung [Steve Coleman]
6. Yo-Ho [Kelvyn Bell]
7. And They Partied? [Allen]
8. In The Park [Steve Coleman]
9. Just A Funky Old Song [Graham Haynes]
10. Urilai Thrane [Steve Coleman]
11. To Perpetuate The Funk [Kevin Bruce Harris]
12. Koshine Koji [Steve Coleman]
13. Tlydor's Bane [Coleman]
14. Park (Pt. II) [Coleman]
15. Fire Theme (Intro) [Coleman]

total time: 51:23

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