AudioFilm  Uchina – Sounds of Okinawa Island

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The Wire: "The latest in a series of field recordings on Winter & Winter that explore and celebrate island cultures, this is a collection of Okinawan court music dating from between the 15th and 19th centuries. Heavily structured around the downbeat, the performances favour deep drums with little reverb, as well as the dry, dellicate tone of the sanshin …
Representative of this combination is the exquisite "Kunjansabakui", a workers' song from the 14th century, performed by a female quartet, where their plaintive call and response is punctuated by a crisply enunciated chorus that emphasises the labourers' efforts in hauling wood."
September 2013

Musicians   Compositions
Keiko Higa & Shimadaiko:
Keiko Higa, Yasumi Higa, Arisa Tsuha,
Chihiro Higa, Azusa Kokuba: taiko

Bokusho Kinjo: vocals, sanshin

Hajime Nakasone: vocals, sanshin

Toru Yonaha: vocals, sanshin

Awase-Chondara: vocals, sanshin, taiko

Deigo Musume:
Tsuyako: vocals, sanshin; Ayako: vocals, sanshin,
sanba; Chizuko: sanshin, vocals; Keiko: vocals, sanshin, shima-daiko

Nakanomachi Seinenkai: vocals, sanshin, taiko
  1. Nami [Keiko Higa]
2. Hwishi-bushi [Traditional]
3. Mizu-aya [Keiko Higa]
4. Yutakara-bushi [Choki Fukuhara/Lyrics: Traditional]
5. Amakaa [Traditional]
6. Miyako Nishibe Yukui: Michiyuki Yonteru [Traditional festival songs]
7. Hiden-nakafu [Traditional]
8. Chondara: N-zifa/Ouzinu-mee/Uchijonu-mee/Nma-mesa/Twisashi-mee [Traditional]
9. Kunjansabakui [Traditional]
10. Naaku-nii/Hantabaruu [Traditional, Lyrics: Taro Monguchi/Traditional, Lyrics: Hiroshi Asa]
11. At Makishi Kosetsu Market
12. Eisa: Tooshin Do-i [Traditional]

total time: 70:33

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