Stian Carstensen  Backwards into the Backwoods

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Harburger Nachrichten: "Den Hörer erwartet ein großes Musikexperiment voller Leidenschaft für Töne und Harmonien - ergreifend und faszinierend."
March 20, 2004
Fono Forum: Five Stars
August 2004
Jazzthetik: Five Stars
May 2004
Jazzzeit: Four Points
April 2004
Concerto: Four Points
June/July 2004
Jazzwise: Three Stars
June 2004

Musicians   Compositions
Stian Carstensen: [(midi) accordion, (prepared) banjo, electric and acoustic guitars, violin, kaval];
Arve Henriksen: [trumpet, vocals, spinet];
Ernst Reijseger: [cello];
Jarle Vespestad: [drums];
Haavard Wiik: [piano, spinet]
  1. Dimitri's Polynesian vacation
2. Death of a neutered choir boy
3. See fair Lis (is her veneer real?) [Carstensen/Simon Dancaster]
4. Backwards into the backwoods
5. Zat was Zen..... Zis is now [Arve Henriksen]
6. Improvisation Nº I
7. Improvisation Nº II
8. Improvisation Nº III (based on a traditional Bulgarian song)
9. Improvisation Nº IV
10. Improvisation Nº V
11. Gyorgy's appalachian vacation
12. What's that horsehead doing on my pillow?
13. (Look grandpa!) Buckwheat's on bogweed
14. One legged cow's new age square dance
15. Vlad Tepes' two-step (swing that bat...) (based on a Transylvanian traditional melody)
16. Funeral march for a neutered choir boy

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total time: 55:07

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