Ernst Reijseger  My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done

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All about jazz, Italy: "Questa è musica vera. Dotata di una propria autonomia. A tratti ispirata di autentica bellezza."
October 2010

Musicians   Compositions
Ernst Reijseger Ensemble:

Ernst Reijseger [violoncello]
Julie Läderach [violoncello]
Djoeke Reijseger [violoncello, voice on track 6]
Tom van Lent [violoncello]
Bonno Lange [violoncello]
Luciano Biondini [accordion]
Harmen Fraanje [piano]
Alan "Gunga" Purves [percussion]
Mola Sylla [voice]
Sandip Bhattacharya [voice, tabla]
  1. Valente Quintero [Antonio Cantoral García]
performed by Chavela Vargas
2. The Face of God / Raging Waters
3. Flamingos / Death On Crystal Street
4. Intrusions
5. I Am Born To Preach The Gospel [Trad.]
performed by Reverend George Washington Philipps
6. Still Life / Leaving Your Earthly Possessions
7. Swordsmith Destiny
8. State Of Siege
9. Book Of Job
10. Tunnel Of Time
11. Mechanical Pianist
12. Heaven On Earth
13. Eyes Of The World
14. Gabino Barrera [Víctor Cordero]
performed by Chavela Vargas
15. Rainy Season

All compositions by Ernst Reijseger, except 1, 5, 14

total time: 72:45

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