Ernst Reijseger  Walking Out

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Ernst Reijseger [cello, voice]
Erik Bosgraaf [soprano-, alto-, tenor-, bass-recorder, whirly tubes, organ]
Djoeke Klijzing [cello]
Charles Watt [cello]
Harmen Fraanje [piano, organ, church organ]
Alan 'Gunga' Purves [percussion, whirly tubes]
Fanny Winter [vocals]
Forma Antiqva [ensemble]
  1. Walking Out
2. Incoming Clouds
3. Alone with the View
4. Taken by the River
5. Dido's Lament [When I am laid in Earth I]
6. Geese Compass
7. Tales of Generations
8. Longing for Sunrise
9. Northern Lights
10. Dido's Lament [When I am laid in Earth II]
11. Lucid
12. Vigil
13. Grandfather's Hunting Hat
14. Dido's Lament [When I am laid in Earth III]
15. In Mid Air

Compositions by Ernst Reijseger

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