Gary Thomas  The Kold Kage

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Jazzthetik: Four Stars
March 1991
Philadelphia Inquirer: Three Stars
May 10, 1992

Musicians   Compositions
Gary GTX Thomas: tenor saxophone, flute, synthesizers, rap vocals;
Joe BMW Wesson: rap vocals;
Kevin Eubanks: guitar;
Paul Bollenback: guitar, guitar synthesizers;
Mulgrew Miller: piano;
Tim Murphy: piano, synthesizers;
Anthony Perkins: synthesizers;
Michael Caine: piano, synthesizers;
Anthony Cox: acoustic bass;
Dennis Chambers: drums;
Steve Moss: percussion
  1. Threshold [Gary Thomas]
2. Gate Of Faces [Gary Thomas]
3. Intellect [Thomas/Wesson]
4. Infernal Machine [Thomas /Wesson]
5. The Divide [Gary Thomas]
6. Peace Of The Korridor [Gary Thomas]
7. First Strike [Thomas/Wesson]
8. Beyond The Fall Of Night [Anthony Perkins]
9. The Kold Kage [Thomas/Wesson]
10. Kulture Bandits (to be continued) [Thomas/Joe Lee]

total time: 60:15

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