Paul Motian  On Broadway Vol. 1,2,3,4,5

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The Sydney Morning Herald: "Each of these five albums shone when it appeared. Now assembled into a set, they represent the pinnacle of the past 25 years of US jazz. For at least a decade before Paul Motian's death last year, the great drummer-composer-bandleader was the beacon for what jazz could be in its post-free, post-fusion era, without falling back on neo-bop conservatism or needing an injection of world-music influences. To Motian, the answer was elementary: play with simplicity, truth, instinct, playfulness, passion and imagination. Tell stories and weave dreams. Spurn virtuosity and prescriptive thinking. Play from the heart in the moment and all will fall into place. It does. Across five albums of go-anywhere adventuring anchored to a repertoire of Broadway standards."
Five Stars
November 10, 2012

Frankfurter Allg. Zeitung: "Dies ist eine spektakuläre Winter & Winter-Kassette zu Ehren des 2011 gestorbenen Schlagzeugers Paul Motian, der dem Jazz-Label über Jahrzehnte verbunden war."
June 21, 2013

Leipziger Volkszeitung: "Eine Box wie eine Schatztruhe ist das. Auf fünf CDs, eine schöner als die andere, versammelt sie die zwischen 1988 und 2008 mit wechselnden Quartetten und Quintetten aufgenommenen Adaptionen von Broadway-Songs des großen Jazzschlagzeugers Paul Motian."
November 30, 2012

kulturSpiegel: "'Denkt nicht an die Noten, spielt einfach den Text', instruierte der Drummer seine Musiker. Motian nahm zwischen 1988 und 2008 mit diversen Bands Broadway-Songs auf; die Serie gilt als Beispiel für sensible Destruktion und Rekonstruktion von Melodien …"
January 2013

CHOC Jazzman: "… le batteur aux semelles de terre et aux baguettes de vent a revisité comme dans un doux rêve éveillé ce monument d'immarcescibles beautés mélodiques et harmoniques qu'on appelle le Great American Songsbook. […] Vingt ans de bonheur"
March 2013

Musicians   Compositions
Paul Motian [drums]
Rebecca Martin [vocals]
Bill Frisell [guitar]
Masabumi Kikuchi [piano]
Michaël Attias, Joe Lovano, Lee Konitz, Chris Potter, Loren Stillman [saxophones]
Charlie Haden, Larry Grenadier, Thomas Morgan [bass]
  CD I:
1. Liza [G. Gershwin]
2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow [H. Arlen]
3. They Didn't Believe Me [J. Kern]
4. What Is This Thing Called Love [C. Porter]
5. My Heart Belongs To Daddy [C. Porter]
6. Last Night When We Were Young [H. Arlen]
7. I Concentrate On You [C. Porter]
8. Someone To Watch Over Me [G. Gershwin]
9. So In Love [C. Porter]

1. Good Morning Heartache [D. Fisher/I. Higginbotham/E. Drake]
2. You And The Night And The Music [ A. Schwartz]
3. Moonlight Becomes You [J. Van Heusen]
4. But Not For Me [G. Gershwin]
5. Bess, Oh Where Is My Bess [G. Gershwin]
6. I Got Rhythm [G. Gershwin]
7. All The Things You Are [J. Kern]
8. Nice Work If You Can Get It [G. Gershwin]
9. It Might As Well Be Spring [R. Rodgers]
10. Look To The Rainbow [B. Lane]
11. Body And Soul [J. Green]

1. How Deep Is The Ocean [I. Berlin]
2. I Wish I Knew [H. Warren]
3. Just One Of Those Things [C. Porter]
4. Crazy She Calls Me [C. Sigman]
5. Tico Tico [Z. De Abreu]
6. Weaver Of Dreams [V. Young/J. Elliott]
7. The Way You Look Tonight [J. Kern]
8. A Handful Of Stars [T. Shapiro/J. Lawrence]
9. Pennies From Heaven [A. Johnson]
10. Skylark [J. Mercer/H. Carmichael]

1. The Last Dance [J. Van Heusen/S. Cahn]
2. Tea For Two [V. Youmans/I. Caesar]
3. In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town [J. Little/J. Siras/J. Young]
4. Never Let Me Go [J. Livingston/R. Evans]
5. Never Let Me Go [J. Livingston/R. Evans]
6. Folks Who Live On The Hill [J. Kern/O. Hammerstein]
7. Everything Happens To Me [T. Adair/M. Dennis]
8. Last Night When We Were Young [H. Arlen]
9. Born To Be Blue [R. Wells/M. Torme]
10. Brother Can You Spare A Dime [J. Gorney/E.Y. Harburg]
11. I Loves You Porgy [G. Gershwin]
12. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me [H. Warren/A. Dubin]
13. How Long Has This Been Going On [G. Gershwin/I. Gershwin]

1. Morrock [P. Motian]
2. Something I Dreamed Last Night [S. Fain]
3. Just A Gigolo [L. Casucci]
4. I See Your Face Before Me [H. Dietz/A. Schwartz]
5. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening [H. Adamson/J. McHugh]
6. Midnight Sun [S. Burke/L. Hampton]
7. Sue Me [F. Loesser]

total time: 4h:45min

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