Robin Eubanks  Dedication

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The Washington Post:
"...what impresses most are two ballads: Eubank's earthy 'Red, Black and Green Blues' and Turre's gorgeous tone poem 'Especially for You'."
(Mike Joyce)
November 3, 1989
Jazzthetik: Five Stars
June 2003
Jazzmozaiek: Three Stars
June/July/August 2003

Musicians   Compositions
Robin Eubanks: trombone, bass trombone, keyboards, bells;
Steve Turre: trombone, sea shells, synthesizer, bells, clave;
Mulgrew Miller: piano, synthesizer;
Francesca Tanksley: synthesizer;
Charnett Moffett: bass;
Tommy Campell: drums;
Tony Reedus: drums;
Jimmy Delgado: congas, timbales
  1. The new Breed [Robin Eubanks]
2. V.O. [Steve Turre]
3. Red, Black & Green Blues [Robin Eubanks]
4. Trance Dance [Steve Turre]
5. Perpetual Groove [Robin Eubanks]
6. Especially For You [Steve Turre]
7. Koncepts [Steve Turre]
8. Victory [Robin Eubanks]

total time: 50:07

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