Robin Eubanks  Karma

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Stereo: Nine Points
May 1991
Cuadernos de Jazz: Three Stars
June 2004
Jazzman: Four Stars
March 2005

Musicians   Compositions
Robin Eubanks: lead rap, trombone, percussion, string samples;
Kimson "Kism" Albert: assistant rap;
Kevin Eubanks: electric guitar; acoustic guitars;
Renee Rosnes: keyboards, piano;
Earl Gardner: trumpet;
Greg Osby: alto saxophone;
Lonnie Plaxico: electric bass;
Marvin "Smitty" Smith: drums, assistant rap;
Mino Cinelu: percussion;
Dave Holland: acoustic bass;
Kenny Werner: keyboards;
Branford Marsalis: tenor saxophone;
Cassandra Wilson: vocals
  1. Karma
2. Mino
3. Maybe Next Time
4. Evidently
5. Send One Your Love [Stevie Wonder, Arr. Alva Nelson and Robin Eubanks]
6. Never Give Up
7. The Yearning
8. Pentacourse
9. Resolution Of Love
10. Remember When

Compositions by Robin Eubanks, except title 5

total time: 63:08

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