Greg Osby  Mindgames

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Sound: Five Points
January 1989
Sonntagsblick: Stark
December 4, 1989
Musik Express Sounds:
Five Stars
November 17, 1988
Ritmo: Four Stars
February 2003
Cuadernos de Jazz: Four Stars
March/April 2003

Musicians   Compositions
Greg Osby: alto and soprano sax, percussion, voice;
Geri Allen and Edward Simon: piano, synthesizers;
Kevin McNeal: guitar;
Lonnie Plaxico: bass;
Paul Samuels: drums
  1. Dolemite [Greg Osby]
2. Mindgames [Greg Osby]
3. Thinking Inside You [Edward Simon]
4. This Is Not A Test [Greg Osby]
5. Excuse Not [Paul Samuels]
6. Mirror, Mirror [Greg Osby]
7. Silent Attitude [Greg Osby]
8. Altered Ego [Kevin McNeal]
9. All That Matters [Greg Osby]
10. Chin Lang [Greg Osby]

total time: 47:37

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