Cassandra Wilson  She Who Weeps

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Up To Dates: Five Points
March 1991
Stereo: Four Stars
January 2004
Jazzwise: Four Points
March 2004
Jazzmozaiek: Four Stars
January/February 2004
Concerto: Four Points
February/March 2004
"Winter & Winter erlaubt uns den berauschenden Blick in die Vergangenheit."
Jazzpodium, December 2003

Musicians   Compositions
Cassandra Wilson: vocals;
Rod Williams: piano;
Kevin Bruce Harris: electric bass;
Tani Tabbal: drums;
Reggie Washington: electric bass;
Mark Johnson: drums;
Jean-Paul Bourelly: guitar;
Herman Fowlkes: electric bass
  1. Iconic Memories [Cassandra Wilson]
2. Chelsea Bridge [Billy Strayhorn]
3. Out Loud (Jeris' Blues) [Wilson/Coleman]
4. She Who Weeps [Mary Fowlkes]
5. Angel [Franklin/Saunders]
6. Body And Soul [Green/Heyman/Sour/Eyton]
7. New African Blues [Cassandra Wilson]

total time: 40:40

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