Takashi Tanaka - Skulpturen



"Changing things into charcoal means differenciating the things. Things are composed under a function. Differenciating is minimalizing. We can figure out the essence of the things after we remove the unnecessary matter; how are the things composed on the x-axis and the y-axis? Things, burned out, show their original shapes as charcoal, carbon structure; this is the very essence of the things.

"RITZ", a popular cookie, is one of the industrial products, sold, bought and eaten all over the world, proves its existence in the human society though the economic activities. By Changing the RITZ into charcoal, by showing it in another way, I tried to minimalize the human society and also find out the essence of the molding art."

( – Takashi Tanaka)


1958 Born in Fukuoka (Japan)

1983 Graduated From College of Arts Kyushu Sangyo University

1999 Yokohama National University Special Education

2001 Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Guest Student Sculpture Classes Prof. Nikolaus Gerhart


Single Exhibitions

1985 G. Muramatu, G. Runami, G. Natuka, G. Gen (Tokyo)

2001 Gallery Omega (Munich/Germany)

2002 Gallery Fandreich (Berlin/Germany)

2003/2007 Showroom Winter & Winter (Munich)


Group Exhibitions

1998 Knagawa Art Annual 1998 (Yokohama/Japan)

1999 Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition (Tokyo. Kyoto/Japan)

2003 Unser Theater Sculpture Plan (Schwabhausen/Germany)

2004/2007 Biwako Biennial Exhibition (Oumi Hatiman/Japan)




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