Ingrid Floss – Ein Diptychon

»Ein Diptychon«


What painting means to me


„Writers, I notice, always need narrative, and they are at a loss, if a picture, like my pictures, do not represent something recognizable. Not so the composer, who at the moment is working on a micro-opera with various tones and sounds. He understands my painting right away. Our ways of working and thinking are related. I start to place colors the way he sets different tones; at first just different patches of color that as yet have no context. It takes a while for an image to emerge. Slowly, various centers and focal points and other elements that act as transitions reveal themselves. The images become denser and more complex as the process continues. They lose their order and structure, only to re-coalesce in a new order and then subside, so that in the end the picture becomes a unity that I could not have planned in that form. My goal is for each painting to achieve its own character by means of its unique chromatic resonance, spatial depth, brushwork, etc., through which a cosmos arises that opens up a new window onto the world. One cannot identify these things the way one can with an illustration or a representational painting. Nonetheless, everything I experience, everything I deal with, hear and absorb is contained in my pictures; reflected in the colors, in their darkness or brightness, their intensity, in their tensions and harmonic consonance. I see this as a parallel to my own life, and seek to give expression to the wishes and longings, difficulties and solutions, to everything that is burning and working in me, and have developed my own language for this.


My pictures are not comfortable; they do not adjust to the room like a nice ‚background decoration’. I see them as a living organism that is always reminding me to see, take a closer look, be attentive, not to fall asleep, submerge, but to be present in the moment instead.“

– Ingrid Floss


1970: Born in Cologne, Germany

1991 – 1996: Communications Design, Fachhochschule Augsburg

1993 – 1994: Faculty of Art and Design, University of Ulster, Belfast

1997: Study trip to Australia and Tasmania

1997 – 2003: Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Diplom with honors

2004 – 2010: Teaching at Atelierprojekt Munich

since 2011: Teaching at the Academy for Color Painting, Bad Reichenhall

Ingrid Floss lives and works in Munich




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