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"Yuragi" means "movement". A movement, which is constantly changed by natural phenomena such as the wind. In the same way we human beings are exposed to the outside world with all its influences and therefore our mind and body alter with the passing of time.

In my works I want to point out the parallelism between "Yuragi" and humanity and translate this into a form of art, my jewellery design.

Mankind lives in both artificial and natural environments and even though this antagonism is accepted as a reality we can at times feel a sense of discomfort.

Therefore, my concept is to combine (mainly) natural material and industrial material, for example paper, plastic and aluminium to express this coexistence of feelings.

These materials offer a great variety in forms and texture – they add depth. The center of my artistic and crafting philosophy is also influenced by inherent Japanese aesthetics: imperfection and impermanence, which comes to me intuitively. I create work that is bold yet modest, that is complicated yet simple, that is rough yet refined and excites the wearer. And I like the idea and picture of my objects not being “made” but that movements brought them to life.

– Emi Fukuda


Emi Fukuda was born in 1980 in Osaka, Japan

2007-2009: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Gold and Silversmithing, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia

since 2012: Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Klasse Prof. Otto Künzli

Emi Fukuda lives and works in Munich.


Solo Exhibitions

2013: Ephemeral, Earth+Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2007: Eco Jewelry Art, COEXIST Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


Selected Group Exhibitions

2013: Talente, Munich International Skilled Trades Fair, Munich, Germany

2011: Hatch, Perth Institute Contemporary Arts, Perth, Australia

2010: National Contemporary Jewellery Award, Griffith Regional Art Gallery; International Graduation Show 2010, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen /Amsterdam; Design now 2010, Object Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2009: Fresh,Craft Victoria, Melbourne, Australia; Cornucopia, Guilford lane Gallery, Melbourne, Australia; Wondernamel, RMIT First Site, Melbourne, Australia


Awards / Grants

2010: Design now 2010, Creative Innovation Award by Object Gallery, Sydney

2009: Kate Harris Memorial Award presented by The Charles Smith Gallery; Fresh! Screaming Pixel Professional Photography, Australia; Portfolio Award presented by Craft Victoria and Screaming Pixel, Australia

2007: Debbie Sheezel Enamelling Prize for Excellence in Conceptual Design



2010: Article in Artichoke Magazine, July 2010, Australia

2010: TOP100 Most influential creative people 2010, The Age Newspaper, Australia




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