Yuko Takatsudo – Kleine, große Welt

»Kleine, große Welt«


There are many small objects in this world, which seem useless at first sight. Tiny plastic figurines, mini textile bags in the form of animals, papier mâché trees, felt balls ... the list could go on. Yuko Takatsudo keeps these „throw-away“ items and gives them a meaning again by using them as the starting point for her large paintings on paper.

Similar to religious devotional objects the value is created only through an emotional linkage of the human being.


Takatsudo’s sculptures in turn arise from the paintings and transcribe them into a three-dimensional space.


The idea of depicting the material and its quality structure through art is the centre of her works.


born 1987 in Saitama (Japan)

2010: Graduate from Tokyo University of Arts

Since 2010: Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Masterclass

(Professor Jerry Zeniuk and Professor Pia Fries)

Yuko Takatsudo lives in Berlin


Single Exhibitions

2012: Wald Meister, Gallery Sakamaki, Tokyo

2011: Human Genome, Gallery Sakamaki, Tokyo

2010: Onomatopoeia of the Space, Gallery Sakamaki, Tokyo


Group Exhibitions and Awards

2013: Stefan Baumkoetter & Yuko Takatsudo, Gallery AXIS 6917, Fukui, Japan

2013: Belebung toter Winkel, Halle 6 München
, Art Student Exhibition Award

Winners, ISE Cultural Foundation, New York

2012: Art Student Exhibition, Gen Watanabe Award / ISE Cultural Foundation, New


2012: Bunte Farbe aus dem Fernen Osten, Winter & Winter, München

2012: Yuko Takatsudo & Fumio Ohashi, Nippon Connection, 11. Japanese

Filmfestival, Frankfurt

2011: Antonia- und Hermann-Götz-Stiftung, Künstlerhaus Marktoberdorf

2011: Offene Ateliers, Atelierhaus Dachauerstraße, München

2011: Gruppenausstellung, Target Partners GmbH, München

2010: Graduation Exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts, Metropolitan Art

Museum, Tokyo




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