Venezia la Festa

Innumerable photo essays, films, videos, reports and stories talk about Venice, yet there never has been tried to catch the acoustic impressions. Even though the "Serenissima" is predestined for the role, having no industrial noises. What town in the world can claim that?


"Venezia La Festa takes us to a styleful roller coaster of feelings." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)


With their expressive arrangements violin, clarinet, accordion, piano and double bass play straight into the hearts of the audience and passer-bys, asks them to take a break, talk, letting their hearts melt away.


"Under the arcades of the most beautiful salons of the world a beautiful music is played." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)


The atmosphere of the "square of squares", the "Giganti", the tower clock's tolling of the hour, and the music, the sound of the ensemble build the center of this production.


"An artful sound collage (...) cut with nearly dramaturgian skill (...). An original unicat in times, in which the sound carrier more and more often is degraded to negligible mass products and annoying noise pollution." (Kurier)


Authentic, live, unmistakable, produced with the highest, technical standard.

"... an atmospheric musical report that convey the plain live happening to us." (Album)


Venice ... acoustic impressions from the "swimming city".

"The live recording of the ensemble that day by day sweetens the stay on the St. Marks square, breath a hoarfrost that combines with the Italian cantability." (Jazzthetik)


Venezia ... an audiofilm.


"The celebration happens to happen in the imagination of the listener." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)


Venezia ... the infinite tone of the transitory.


"Beyond the thoroughly rousing qualities in which the professionals strike their strings this (recording) shows atmospherical powers of persuasion as it has seldom been reached by a listening documentation." (Observer)


As if the scent of the radiant ballroom bouquets in the "most beautiful ballroom in Europe" as Napoleon called the St. Mark's Place, still floated redolently in the air.

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