Heike Liss - I hope we have a little bit lucky

»I hope we have a little bit lucky«


Heike Liss discovered photography during a three month visit to Ethiopia in 1979. On her return, she embarked on a course of study in Ethnology and Anthropology at the University of Tübingen. She also began an ongoing series of self-portraits. To survive, she was variously secretary in a PR company, photographer in a polaroid portrait studio, painter, factory worker, waitress, cleaning woman, singer in a rock band, and photo-assistant in a fashion and advertising agency. Finally she worked as press-attaché, first for Aids-Hilfe, and then in the Stuttgart Theaterhaus. It was here that she began to take the backstage portraits of musicians which became the basis of her first exhibition, and which have now expanded into a forthcoming book. Since showing this work, in various forms, in Germany, France, the USA and South America, she has developed in quite different directions. These include the use of black and white slides, in collaboration with Australian performance artist Jo Truman (Food Project) and Parisian choreographer Francois Verret (Kaspar Hauser); portraits of women (entitled Self-Image) developed while Resident Artist at the Esalen Institute in California; a series of portraits of pregnant women (recently exhibited in Stuttgart and Paris), and an installation (La Plage) using photographs taken on beaches all over the world.




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