Takashi Tanaka - Shinsaku - Neue Werke

»Shinsaku - Neue Werke«


Takashi Tanaka was born in 1958 in Fukuoka, Japan. After finishing his studies at the Arts Kyushu Sangyo University he started to present his works in several single and group exhibitions.

From 1985 to 1989 the artist was represented by the Muramatu Gallery in Tokyo; various exhibitions followed in the 1990s in galleries in Tokyo and Kyoto. During Tanaka's one year stay in Munich (March 2001-March 2002) some of his works were shown in the Omega Gallery and the Fandreich Gallery in Berlin. In Japan he shows his latest works in a group exhibition at the Biwako Biennial Exhibition His charcoal artworks produced through a special burning procedure remind of the eternal cycle of death and life. The burnt items, e.g. vegetables or fruits, don't lose their form but their colour and smell, the signs of life.

Looking for the typical pictures of Japan and Germany he discovered Japanese biscuit forms and Bavarian bakery as objects for his New Works.




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