Uri Caine  Plays Mozart

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ECHO Klassik 2007

Jazzthing: "Eine herrlich aberwitzige Zauberflöte, ein Feuerwerk der Improvisation. Und endlich mal eine wirklich originelle Würdigung des arg gefledderten Genies."
November 2006

Scherzo: Excepcional
March 2007

Signal to Noise: "Every twist and stylistic detour Caine builds into the music is executed with exceptional elegance and flair; it's one of his most fully realized ensemble performances on record."
March 2007

All About Jazz.com: "Arranged around three solo piano sonatas that act as bookends and an intermission of sorts, the album unfolds gradually, moving eclectically from mood to mood."
February 2007

Thewholenote.com: "These loving transformations should impress open-minded listeners of any gerne."
March 2007

ENA Magazine: "Tout en célébrant à sa juste mesure le génie mozartien, il nous offre un feu d'artifice d'improvisation, servi par une exécution jubilatoire et de la plus haute qualité des refrains les plus populaires du maître."
April 2007

Jazzman: Choc - "Divin, tout simplement"
February 2007

Mostviertel Basar: "Eine Giganten CD."
March 2007

Jazzzeit: "Was Uri Caine schon mehrmals mit Mahler und Wagner gelungen ist, bringt er auch ganz locker mit Mozart zustande, nänlich einen frischen modernen Zugang für all unsere festgefahrenen Ohren."
January 2007

Gramophone: "It is indeed a subversive treasure. If Caine is ultimately a graffiti artist, scribbling devil's horns and tail on the faces of the sacred cows of classical music, then he's the Banksy of his art form. New perspectives indeed."
February 2007

Musicians   Compositions
Uri Caine [piano]
Joyce Hammann [violin]
Chris Speed [clarinet]
Ralph Alessi [trumpet]
Nguyên Lê [guitar]
DJ Olive [turntables]
Drew Gress [double bass]
Jim Black [drums]
  1. Piano Sonata in C major, first movement K 545
2. Symphony 40 in g minor, first movement K 550
3. Symphony 41 in C major, second movement K 551
4. Clarinet Quintet in A major, fourth movement K 581
5. Piano Sonata in C major, second movement K 545
6. Sinfonia Concertante in E flat major, third movement K 364
7. "Batti, batti, o bel Masetto" (Don Giovanni) K 527
8. "Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen" and "Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen" (Zauberflöte) K 620
9. Turkish Rondo (Piano Sonata in A major) K 331
10. Piano Sonata in C major, third movement K 545

All compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart adapted by Uri Caine

total time: 76:18

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