Jubilee Edition  Introducing M-Base

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"Überraschend frisch klingen diese 15 kurzen Tracks; so spannend aktuell kann Rückschau sein."
Rondo, May 2015

"This selection serves, perhaps because of the Ellington/Strayhorn reference, to emphasise the movement's connections to the past as much as its forward-leaning stance. Coleman might still be the dominant creative presence, but without the solidarity and common purpose on view here, neither he nor M-Base would have figured so brightly or so long."
The Wire, September 2015

Musicians   Compositions
Leader Artists:
Geri Allen [piano]
Jean-Paul Bourelly [guitar]
Steve Coleman [alto saxophone]
Robin Eubanks [trombone]
Greg Osby [saxophones]
Gary Thomas [saxophones, flute]
Cassandra Wilson [vocals]
  1. If You Only Know How [Cassandra Wilson]
2. Irate Blues [Jean-Paul Bourelly]
3. Blue In Green [Miles Davis]
4. Chelsea Bridge [Billy Strayhorn]
5. Drifter [Jean-Paul Bourelly]
6. For John Malachi [Geri Allen]
7. I'm Going Home [Kevin Bruce Harris]
8. Lies [Cassandra Wilson]
9. Mindgames [Greg Osby]
10. Micro-Move [Steve Coleman]
11. On This [Steve Coleman]
12. Cüd Ba-Rith [Steve Coleman]
13. The Night Before [Robin Eubanks]
14. I Am Waiting [Cassandra Wilson]
15. Electromagnolia [Olu Dara, Cassandra Wilson]

total time: 68:23

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