Jim Black  Pachora - Astereotypical

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Jazzthetik: Four Stars
April 2003
Jazzzeit: Four Points
April 2003
CD Now Jazz: Five Stars
April 2003
Music Manual: Five Stars
Spring 2003
Classica: Four Points
June 2003
Jazzman: Three Stars
June 2003
Jazz Notes:
"Un disque ouvert à ceux qui veulent découvrir autre chose."
July 2003
All music guide:
"Astereotypical is both a peak achievement for the quartet and a recording in which the artistic persona of each bandmember stands in bold relief. And it's unquestionably one of the top CDs of 2003, regardless of genre."
(Dave Lynch)
September 2003
All About Jazz:
"Take three guys from Seattle and another from Iceland, put them in a band in New York City, and you still might be surprised to hear they can play some of the most intriguing Eastern European-inspired songs you've ever heard."
(Sean Patrick Fitzell)
N° 17, 2003
Jazzmozaiek: Three Stars
June/July/August 2003
All Music Guide: Four Stars
March 4, 2003
Downbeat: Three Stars
December 2003
Ritmo: Four Stars
November 2003

Musicians   Compositions
Chris Speed [clarinet];
Brad Shepik [tambura, electric saz, nylon string guitar];
Skuli Sverrisson [acoustic bass, guitar, electric bass, baritone guitar];
Jim Black [drums, percussion, pianica]
  1. Romanics [Chris Speed]
2. Bushka Lounge [Chris Speed]
3. Klink [Skuli Sverrisson]
4. Snap [Jim Black]
5. Push [Chris Speed]
6. Howl [Brad Shepik]
7. Drifting [Skuli Sverrisson]
8. Little Theater [Chris Speed]
9. Nyla [Skuli Sverrisson]
10. Rider [Brad Shepik]
11. Silencio [Skuli Sverrisson]
12. Mexahata [Chris Speed/traditional Rom.]

total time: 50:55

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