Uri Caine  Tin Pan Alley

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Scala: Überragend
September 1999
Stereo Review's Sound & Vision:
Four Stars
March/April 2000
Stereo: Four Stars
October 1999
Fono Forum: Four Stars
December 1999
Times Leader: Three Stars
October 1, 1999
Down Beat: Three Stars
February 2000

Musicians   Compositions
Music Director: Uri Caine
Ralph Alessi [trumpet]; Don Byron [clarinet]; Uri Caine [piano, voice];
Dominic Cortese [accordion, vocals];
Eddy Davis [banjo];
Bob DeBellis [flute];
Dave Douglas [trumpet];
Mark Feldman [violin];
James Genus [bass];
Ben Perowsky [drums];
Josh Roseman [trombone];
Bob Stewart [tuba];
Vocals: Nancy Anderson; Sadiq Bey; Renae Morway-Baker; Fay Galperin; Saul Galperin; Philip Hernandez;
Brian D’Arcy Jones; Nancy Opel;
The Romantchicks: Renae Morway-Baker, Nancy Anderson,
Susan Haefner; Barbara Walker; Stuart Zagnit;
The Sidewalks Of New York Choir
  1. Overture: The Sidewalks Of New York [Lawlor, J. W. Blake]
I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now? [Hough, Adams, Howard]
2. Too Much Mustard [C. B. Macklin]
3. Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? [C. W. Murphy, Will Letters, J. C. Moore, W. McKenna]
4. Life’s A Very Funny Proposition After All [Cohan]
5. Sidewalk Story: Daisy Bell [Dacre]
My Wild Irish Rose [Olcott]
Sugar Cane Rag [Scott Joplin]
Heliotrope Boquet [Chauvin]
My Gal Sal [Paul Dresser]
6. Charleston Rag [E. Blake]
7. Take Me Out To The Ball Game [Northworth, Tilzer]
8. Everybody’s Doin’ It [Berlin]
9. How’d You Like To Spoon With Me? [J.Kern, E.Laska]
10. Cohen Owes Me Ninety Seven Dollars [Irving Berlin]
11. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon [Madden, Edwards]
12. Nobody [B. Williams, A. Rogers]
13. Waiting For The Robert E. Lee [W. Gilbert, L. F. Muir]
14. Interlude: The Sidewalks of New York [C. Lawlor, J. W. Blake]
15. By The Beautiful Sea [Harold Atteridge, H. Carroll]
16. In The Good Old Summertime [B. Shields, G. Evans]
17. Some Of These Days [S. Brooks]
18. Some Of These Days [S. Brooks]
19. Castle Walk [James R. Europe, Ford T. Dabney]
20. They Didn’t Believe Me [M. E. Rourke, Jerome Kern]
21. Memphis Blues [W. C. Handy]
22. After The Ball [C. K. Harris]
23. You’re A Grand Old Flag [George M. Cohen]
24. The Bowery [Charles Hoyt, Percy Gaunt]
25. When I Leave The World Behind [Irving Berlin]
26. Finale: The Sidewalks Of New York [C. Lawlor, James W. Blake]
27. Coda: In The Good Old Summertime [Shields, Evans]

total time: 77:30

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