Uri Caine  Urlicht - Primal Light

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Gustav Mahler International Record Award Toblach 1997

Fono Forum:
Stern des Monats August 1997

Jazz Magazine:
Disque d'Emoi September 1997

Le Monde de la Musique: Choc 1997

Jazzman: Four Stars 1997

The Daily Telegraph:
“A friend played the Mahler for me down a transatlantic telephone line. Within moments, I was rolling on the floor begging for mercy.”
- Norman Lebrecht, 24. Dec 1997

The Wire: Record of the Year 1998

Best cross-over CD of 1998

The Boston Sunday Globe:
Top CD 1998

Detroit News: The Year's Best 1998

China Times: CD of the Year 1998

Musicians   Compositions
Joey Baron [drums]
Aaron Bensoussan [cantor]
Dave Binney [soprano sax]
Danny Blume [guitar, electronics]
Dean Bowman [vocals]
Don Byron [clarinet]
Uri Caine [piano]
Dave Douglas [trumpet]
Mark Feldman [violin]
Michael Formanek [bass]
Larry Gold [cello]
Arto Lindsay [vocals]
DJ Olive [turntables]
Josh Roseman [trombone]
  1. Symphony No. 5, Funeral March
2. The Drummer Boy
3. Now will the Sun rise as brightly
4. I often think they have merely gone out!
5. Symphony No. 1 Titan
6. Primal Light
7. I went out this Morning over the Countryside, Resurrection
8. Symphony No. 5, Adagietto
9. The Drunkard in Spring
10. Who thought up this Song
11. The Farewell

Compositions by Gustav Mahler adapted by Uri Caine

total time: 72:49

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