La Gaia Scienza  Schubert Trio I+II

N° 910 018-2 [2 CD]
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Schubert Trio I+II

The Times, UK:
“..The immediacy and vigour of the Italian group take the breath away….its sound is startling, and ever-changing….Beyond the pungent sounds of the instruments, the players’ phrasing and sense of ensemble is exemplary. They appear to have thought out every bar afresh. Adventurous souls should not hesitate.”
May 9, 2020

tz München: Rose der Woche
June 28, 1997
Les Compacts du Mois:
Four Diapasons
December 1997
Pizzicato: Four Stars
April 1998

Svenska Dagbladet:
Best Romantic CD of the Year 1998
Classic CD: Three Stars
August 1998
Fono Forum:
Five Stars
July 1998
Scala: Sehr gut
June 1998
Gramophone: Five Stars
November 1998

Musicians   Compositions
La Gaia Scienza:
Federica Valli [fortepiano];
Stefano Barneschi [violin];
Paolo Beschi [violoncello]
  Trio in Es-Dur op. 100
Sonate in B-Dur
Trio in B-Dur op. 99
Notturno in Es-Dur op. 148

Compositions by Franz Schubert

total time: [CD 1] 55:28 [CD 2]

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