Hank Roberts  Black Pastels

N° 919 016-2
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Ritmo: Four Stars
July/August 2002
Down Beat: Three Stars
November 1988
Jazziz: One of the Best Recordings 1988
January 1989
Hifi Vision: Very Good
July 1988

Musicians   Compositions
Hank Roberts: cello, voices, classical twelve-string guitar, jazz-a-phone fiddle;
Tim Berne: alto saxophone;
Ray Anderson: trombone;
Robin Eubanks: trombone;
Dave Taylor: bass trombone;
Bill Frisell: guitar, acoustic twelve-string guitar, banjo;
Mark Dresser: bass;
Joey Baron: drums, percussion
  1. Black Pastels
2. Jamil (for Jane)
3. Mountain Speaks
4. Rain Village
5. Choqueno (for Chuck Smart)
6. This Quietness
7. Granpappy's Barn Dance (Death Dance)
8. Scarecrow Shakedown
9. Lucky's Lament
Compositions by Hank Roberts

total time: 49:04

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