Masterpieces of baroque, classical, contemporary, jazz and folk music. Works that sets new standards for quality and technology.



Atmospheric collages of soundscapes, music and noises which tell impressive stories of people, landscapes, islands and cities. 




Celebrate 30 years: 1985-2015. The Jubilee Edition is an invitation to explore and enjoy the musical world of WINTER&WINTER.



Audiophile quality: 180g LP-vinyl high-fidelity recordings means that faithful listening pleasure is guaranteed.



Music recordings of the avant-grade music and jazz scene from 1985 until 1995. New directions of improvised music.




Documentaries and films for persons who are looking for something special: celluloid improvisations and compositions.




Erzählungen über Venedig, Wagner, Verdi und Offenbach, über die Tonkunst, Fitzcarraldo und das Gehen im Eis.

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