Hans Abrahamsen  Left, alone

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"Left, alone"

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WDR Sinfonieorchester

Peter Rundel [conductor]

Mariano Chiacchiarini [conductor]

Tamara Stefanovich [piano]

Martin Griebl, Jürgen Schild, Daniel Grieshammer [trumpet]
Frieder Steinle, Peter Roth [cornet]
Jeffrey Kant, Stefan Schmitz, Michael Junghans [trombone]
Hans Nickel, Jack Adler-McKean [tuba]
Johannes Wippermann, Kevin Anderwaldt [percussion]
  Ten Sinfonias (for orchestra)
1. I. Molto tempestoso e impetuoso
2. II. Allegro energico e con fuoco
3. III. Largo molto expressivo e cantabile
4. IV. Allegretto semplice
5. V. Adagio mesto
6. VI Grave sostenuto ma con moto
7. VII. Allegretto giocoso
8. VIII. Con movimento ma sempre pesante e rigoroso
9. IX. Largo nobilmente
10. X. Presto con spirito

Left, alone (for piano (left hand) and orchestra)
Part I
11. 1. Very fast
12. 2. Slowly walking
13. 3. Presto fluente (like a gentle rain, light and bubbly)
Part II
14. 4. Slowly
15. 5. Prestissimo tempestuoso
16. 6. In a tempo from another time – In a time of slow motion – Suddenly in flying time, »Fairy Tale Time«

Two Pieces in Slow Time (for brass ensemble and percussion)
17. I. Adagio sostenuto
18. II. Adagio molto espressivo

Composition by Hans Abrahamsen

total time: 48:40

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