Arcado String Trio  Dresser/Feldman/Roberts

N° 919 028-2
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The New York Times: "The musicians are virtuosos, not only at traditional techniques, but also at using percussive scrapings, high singing harmonics, slapping pizzicatos and other unusual sounds to fill in their group texture."
June 27, 1989
Jazzthetik: Four Stars
April 2003
Ritmo: Three Stars
June 2003
Cuadernos de Jazz: Four Stars
July/August 2003
Stereo: Four Stars
May 2003
Jazzmozaiek: Three Stars
June/July/August 2003

Musicians   Compositions
Mark Dresser [contrabass];
Mark Feldman [violin];
Hank Roberts [violoncello]
  1. Gartman’s [Dresser]
2. Griffin’ Leroy [Dresser, Feldman, Roberts]
3. Subtonium # Three [Dresser]
3.1 Part I
3.2 Part II
4. Kraine [Dresser, Feldman, Roberts]
5. Living Bicycles [Roberts]
6. Pastoral [Dresser, Feldman, Roberts]
7. Curve Ball [Dresser]
8. Ethel [Dresser, Feldman, Roberts]
9. West Bank Cindy [Roberts]

total time: 51:29

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