Sampler  Resurrection Part II – Improvised Music Works

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Musicians   Compositions
The Paul Motian Trio [guitar, tenor saxophone, drums];
Noël Akchoté [guitar];
Marc Ribot [guitar];
Dave Douglas [trumpet];
Guy Klucevsek [accordion];
Uri Caine [piano];
Gary Thomas Quartet [tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, bass, drums];
Ernst Reijseger [cello];
Uri Caine and Primal Light Ensemble [voice; drums, soprano saxophone, guitar, electronics, clarinet, piano, trumpet, violin, bass, cello, turntables, trombone]
  1. Duke Ellington's Sound of Love [Charles Mingus]
2. New York [Ornette Coleman]
3. Odyssey [Dave Douglas]
4. Honeysuckle Rose [Thomas "Fats" Waller]
5. Only Hearsay [Gary Thomas]
6. Colla Parte [Ernst Reijseger]
7. The Farewell from "The song of the earth" [Gustav Mahler/Uri Caine]

total time: 58:27

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